Building Relationships Through Giving with John Ruhlin, Co-Founder of Giftology Group

John RuhinJohn Ruhlin is a renowned author, speaker, and Co-founder of Giftology Group, a gift logistics company that uses strategic gifting to help businesses build and strengthen relationships. He founded the company as a student at Malone University in order to effectively market Cutco cutlery as a high-end corporate gift. In this role, John prides himself on his ability to build meaningful relationships and impact sales.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • John Ruhlin explains how he got the idea for Giftology while interning at Cutco
  • Why John doesn’t allow his clients to send gifts at Christmas
  • How to ensure that your business is viewed as more than just a commodity
  • The psychology behind gift giving
  • Why John believes a practical gift, like a $100 Cutco knife, is the most effective
  • John describes Giftology’s results-driven process and mission
  • How do you determine the best gifts to give to clients?

In this episode…

Do your clients view your business as a working relationship or simply as a commodity? Are you looking for ways to make your connections with your clients more meaningful? If client relationships are important to your business, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Get The Intel podcast! When it comes to building and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients, gift giving is essential. According to John Ruhlin, Co-founder of Giftology Group, giving the right gift at the right time can have clients thinking and talking about your business for years to come. However, John says items like extravagant watches and cases of wine during the holidays are pointless. Instead, he suggests more practical and meaningful ideas that don’t include swag, logos, or trinkets. So, exactly what kinds of gifts should you be giving to your clients? In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill is joined by John Ruhlin, the Co-founder of Giftology Group, for a conversation about building meaningful business relationships by giving the right gift at the right time. John explains why a $100 knife in March is a better gift than a $500 case of wine at Christmas. He also reveals the human nature behind gift giving, the best gifts to give right now, and his tips for ensuring your clients see you as more than a commodity. Tune in!

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