College Financial Planning with Roman Polnar, Founder and Managing Partner of Pillar6 Advisors LLC

Roman PolnarRoman Polnar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Pillar6 Advisors LLC, a financial planning and wealth advisory firm. He founded the firm after spending 10 years in the corporate world as a financial services professional. Roman seeks to differentiate Pillar6 Advisors by listening before giving advice, doing the right thing without compromise, and building lifelong relationships based on honesty, integrity, and thoughtful guidance. He is also a Partner at Pillar6 College Planning, where he helps families navigate the college financial aid system with ease. Additionally, Roman serves as a board member and chair at the Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Roman Polnar shares the story behind the Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco
  • The rising cost of college education and Roman’s financial advice for families
  • How to leverage your business to help pay for your children’s college
  • When should parents with young kids start saving for college?
  • Roman explains how he started learning about the financial aid system after he couldn’t find a good resource for clients
  • The biggest mistakes families make when filling out financial aid forms
  • Roman discusses need-based versus merit-based financial aid

In this episode…

Do you have kids who plan to go to college in the future? Have you developed a plan to pay for their education? Will they need financial aid? If you’re having trouble navigating finances for your children’s college, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Get The Intel podcast!

The costs associated with a college education have always been high, and they continue to rise year by year. According to financial advisor Roman Polnar, earning a degree is extremely valuable for young people entering the professional world, but it has become more and more difficult for families to afford. What’s more, the application process for financial aid isn’t easy to understand. So, what can parents do to make sure their children’s education gets funded?

In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill welcomes Roman Polnar, the Founder and Managing Partner of Pillar6 Advisors LLC, to discuss the ins and outs of saving for your children’s college education, choosing the right school, and navigating the financial aid application process. Roman shares his advice for avoiding student debt and mentions some helpful resources to use in the planning process. If you’re in the midst of this expensive time, be sure to tune in to this episode!

Resources Mentioned in this episode

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