Do Politics Help or Harm Your Business? With David Bailey, President of David Bailey Associates

David BaileyDavid Bailey is the President of David Bailey Associates, a trusted government relations firm that has been in operation for almost 40 years. He works with clients and constituents across party lines to address important issues and make positive changes. David is also the Producer and Host of This Week In Virginia, a weekly live streaming series about nonpartisan public affairs. He studied pastoral studies at the San Francisco Theological Seminary and earned his master’s degree in American studies from New York University.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • David Bailey talks about if and why you should involve your business in politics
  • How David became a lobbyist
  • How can you start lobbying to help your industry?
  • The process for passing a bill and how to address common hurdles
  • Why every industry needs someone representing their interests
  • The importance of nonpartisan solutions

In this episode…

One common warning business leaders hear is to “keep politics out of the workplace.” The problem with this mentality is that politics affect businesses. So, how do you approach relevant issues for your company without creating the political tension that people caution about? 

David Bailey suggests that the key is to keep partisan politics out of work. David is the President of David Bailey Associates, a firm that lobbies for the interests of their clients, bringing issues and proposals across party lines to effect change in a positive way. He believes that in order to protect the best interests of any industry, there needs to be discussion from representatives from every side. 

In this episode of Get The Intel, Chad Gill talks with David Bailey, the President of David Bailey Associates and Host of This Week In Virginia, about how industry members and leaders can start getting involved in legislation and politics. David discusses the process of introducing bills and breaks down how to talk to the right people to start passing legislation that will benefit your industry. If you’ve ever wondered if you should become active in politics, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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