From Lobster Gram Entrepreneur to Certified EOS Implementer® with Dan Zawacki

dan zawacki Dan Zawacki is a Certified EOS Implementer® with EOS Worldwide. He’s also a speaker, coach, and former “lobsterpreneur.” After 30 years of creating and building his company, Lobster Gram, Dan is on a mission to empower other entrepreneurs to succeed and have fun running their businesses again. Through the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), he’s helping leaders and owners define their core values so they can get the most out of their companies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dan Zawacki discusses how he started Lobster Gram — a company that delivered live lobsters as gifts
  • What made Dan sell his business and become an EOS Implementer®?
  • Why accountability is vital to the EOS process
  • The most common challenge Dan sees in companies: getting the right people in the right seats
  • EOS tools that can help you define your core values and employee expectations
  • Dan shares examples of companies that nailed their core values
  • Dan raves over the new EOS book

In this episode…

No matter what career you take on, you have to be passionate about it. So, how did one self-described “lobsterpreneur” make the difficult decision to leave his business and continue pursuing his passion? 

After 30 years of entrepreneurship, Dan Zawacki realized that his true passion was helping other leaders get the most out of their businesses. Although Dan loved his Lobster Gram business, he felt that it was time to move on and start coaching other entrepreneurs. He sold his business, became an EOS Implementer®, and has been fulfilling his core values ever since. What advice does Dan have for others looking to build a business they love and cement themselves in their core values?

In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill is joined by Dan Zawacki, Certified EOS Implementer® through EOS Worldwide. Dan shares his story of building and selling a lobster delivery business, transitioning to EOS, and guiding leaders to find clarity and structure within their organizations.

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