Growing Pains and How To Survive Business Leadership With Brian Brault, Co-Chair of Entrepreneurial Masters Program

Brian BraultBrian Brault is a best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach. He is the Owner of Pure Wellness, a company that transforms interior spaces into world-class wellness environments. He is also the Co-chair of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program, which teaches core values and strategies for business leadership. Previously, he was the Chairperson of the Board for Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the CEO of Advanced Facilities Services International Inc.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brian Brault talks about his journey into entrepreneurship 
  • How EO and the Entrepreneurial Masters Program helped Brian grow his business
  • Three core questions for business leaders: Where are we going? What do we need to do to get there? And what is my role?
  • Building a business versus running a business
  • How to recognize your “zone of genius”
  • The five pillars of entrepreneurial learning

In this episode…

Building a business is exciting. It’s full of new experiences and situations that challenge you to find innovative solutions. It can be thrilling to see the numbers begin to climb and to start reaching the milestones you set out for. But what happens when your business becomes bigger than you can operate and reaches a point where it needs to be run instead of built? This is where many entrepreneurs fail or become jaded — the honeymoon is over and the hardest work has begun.

Brian Brault is the Co-chair of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program, a program parented by Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He and his fellow speakers share practical, real life experience to help entrepreneurs grow and maintain successful businesses, no matter what size or scale. 

In this episode of Get The Intel, Chad Gill chats with Brian Brault, the Co-chair of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program, about building and growing businesses. Brian explains the paradigm shift that occurs when an entrepreneur must go from building their business to running it. He also discusses how programs like EMP can help business leaders gain perspective, fill seats with people who are right for every role, and live their best lives. If you’re an entrepreneur, then don’t miss this episode.

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