How to Optimize Your Business Website with Darren Fox, President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group

Darren Fox

Darren Fox is the President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group, a marketing agency specializing in web design and development for businesses in the food and beverage, healthcare, consulting, and manufacturing industries. He helps brands thrive online using his rare blend of creative abilities and strategic thinking. Darren is also the host of the Pitcher This! Podcast, where he interviews founders, brewers, and other beverage industry leaders. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Darren Fox discusses why a website is the most critical marketing component a business can have
  • The role of the “About” page on a company site and why it shouldn’t be overlooked by businesses
  • Darren shares multiple ways to grow your website’s backlinks 
  • The benefits of setting up a Google map listing for your business
  • Darren explains how your website can succeed with SEO
  • What type of content gets the most attention on search engines?
  • Why a marketing agency should be viewed as a partner — not a vendor

In this episode…

Is your business’ website doing everything it can to highlight all of the great components of your company? Do people find your website when they search for your services online? For valuable insights on how to create a better company website, you’ll want to check out this episode of the Get The Intel podcast!

For business websites, the “About” page is typically the most viewed page other than the homepage. According to marketing expert Darren Fox, that’s because prospective customers want to get to know the people they’ll be working with. Darren says it’s great to advertise your services, but it’s imperative to give potential clients — or future employees — some insight into who is behind your company. So, does your site feature an effective “About” page — and all the other important elements for success?

In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill is joined by Darren Fox, the President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group, for an in-depth conversation on what makes a business website successful. They discuss the best ways to elevate your website in search results, how to generate valuable backlinks, the most important pages to create on your site, and more! As Darren says, your website is the most critical marketing component for your company. Don’t miss these valuable insights!


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