Get The Intel podcast

December 9, 2021

Getting Your Product to Market with Alix Douglas, Vice President of HLS and Growth Industry ISVs at Salesforce

In this episode of the Get the Intel podcast, Chad Gill welcomes Alix Douglas, the Vice President of HLS and Growth Industry ISVs at Salesforce, to discuss the benefits of utilizing the Salesforce platform and clouds. She talks about the platform’s origin, the services Salesforce provides, and the opportunities businesses gain when they use those services. Alix also shares how a company like yours can partner with Salesforce. It’s a valuable episode you won’t want to miss!
December 2, 2021

Building Relationships Through Giving with John Ruhlin, Co-Founder of Giftology Group

In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill is joined by John Ruhlin, the Co-founder of Giftology Group, for a conversation about building meaningful business relationships by giving the right gift at the right time. John explains why a $100 knife in March is a better gift than a $500 case of wine at Christmas. He also reveals the human nature behind gift giving, the best gifts to give right now, and his tips for ensuring your clients see you as more than a commodity. Tune in!
November 25, 2021

Referral Marketing the Right Way With Adi Kaskavalciyan, Co-Founder and Director of Client Success at gFour Marketing

In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill talks with Adi Kaskavalciyan, the Co-founder and Director of Client Success at gFour Marketing, about what companies can do to create powerful and lasting relationships with their customers. Adi discusses the benefits of referral marketing, breaks down every step to generate repeat customers, and shares tips for improving your company’s feedback loop. Plus, she explains how you can get a copy of gFour Marketing’s referral success blueprint. Stay tuned!
November 18, 2021

How to Optimize Your Business Website with Darren Fox, President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group

In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill is joined by Darren Fox, the President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group, for an in-depth conversation on what makes a business website successful. They discuss the best ways to elevate your website in search results, how to generate valuable backlinks, the most important pages to create on your site, and more! As Darren says, your website is the most critical marketing component for your company. Don’t miss these valuable insights!
November 8, 2021

Delegation is a Gift with Ryan Cassin, Co-Founder and Partner at Superpowers

In this episode of the Get The Intel podcast, Chad Gill welcomes Ryan Cassin, the Co-founder and Partner at Superpowers, to discuss how entrepreneurs and their employees can benefit from delegation. Ryan explains why delegating should not be viewed as dumping work on someone else, but instead as elevating someone more equipped to do the job. He also talks about how to shift your mindset about delegation and shares his tips for setting clear expectations when delegating tasks. Stay tuned.