The Importance of Having a Good Business Culture With Calvin Johnson of The Culture Kitchen

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is the Head Chef at The Culture Kitchen, a company that researches, documents, and shares the ingredients successful companies use to build amazing, high-performing cultures. Calvin is a speaker, coach, author, researcher, student of happiness, and serial entrepreneur who sold his company,, to a Fortune 500 company in 2021. 

Born and raised in Vancouver and as an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Calvin served as the GSEA Canadian Director at Vancouver EO for two decades. Calvin is also the Head Guide and Co-founder of, an adventure travel company that offers unique bucket list experiences tailored to the busy executive, their teams, forum groups, and their families.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Calvin Johnson talks about his first company, its purpose, and why it was rebranded
  • Tips on how a business leader should lead employees
  • What is a business culture all about?
  • Calvin explains ways to drive a favorable culture in your company
  • What’s the impact of employee reviews on business culture?
  • Calvin explains the best way for leaders to conduct employee reviews
  • What leads to a lousy business culture?
  • Calvin talks about the two projects he is working on

In this episode…

Would you like to learn tips on creating a business culture that fosters an environment where employees enjoy their work? Happiness is the secret weapon for all successful organizations. As a leader, you realize that every business consists of many people under one roof working towards a common goal. When you create a positive company culture for people to work in, it increases profitability, productivity, and engagement, and reduces absenteeism. It all starts with your hiring process and making sure you find the suitable types of people that fit the culture you want. In this episode of the Get the Intel podcast, host Chad Gill is joined by Calvin Johnson, the Head Chef at The Culture Kitchen, to discuss how having a great company culture makes all the difference. Calvin explains what a business culture consists of, the best ways to drive the right culture in a business, and the impact of employee reviews on business culture.

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