The Secrets of Growing a Business With Dom Rubino of ProfitToolBelt

Dom RubinoDom Rubino is a Business Coach, Business Owner, and Podcaster at ProfitToolBelt, a platform that teaches contractors how to fix their profit leaks, get things back under control, and feel less scattered. Dom specializes in working with business owners who want more time, more money, and more strategies for growing smart. Dom has built and sold large companies and is also a GSEA Chair at EO Vancouver. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dom Rubino shares his background and what he does at ProfitToolBelt
  • The common challenges contractors have when they go to Dom for coaching
  • What mindset should a business owner in construction have?
  • Dom discusses the importance of hiring an assistant
  • Dom explains how to improve your time management
  • What is block scheduling?
  • Dom talks about the process he uses to coach his clients
  • What’s the value of having a plan as a business owner?

In this episode…

Are you growing a business in the construction industry? Would you like to learn proven tips on how to achieve more growth and success? As a business coach, Dom Rubino has expert knowledge on how business leaders should manage their time, money, and employees. As he says, you can get the most value from your business if you learn to manage your priorities — this makes it easy to build a calendar, delegate tasks, and stay disciplined. You also need to have a “think-plan-do” mindset if you want to grow your business to unimaginable levels. With these strategies, owning a business doesn’t have to be hard. In this episode of the Get the Intel podcast, host Chad Gill is joined by Dom Rubino, a Business Coach, Business Owner, and Podcaster at ProfitToolBelt, to discuss his tips for growing your construction business. Dom explains the common challenges business owners face, the mindset a leader should have to succeed, and the importance of time management. Tune in to get answers to your burning questions about time, money, growth, and getting control of your business.

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