Why Profit First Can Save Your Contracting Business with Rob Williams, Founding Profit Strategist at IronGate Entrepreneurial Support Systems

Rob WilliamsRob Williams is the President and Founding Profit Strategist for IronGate Entrepreneurial Support Sytems. Rob has been a builder and general contractor for over 30 years and uses his experience to help other contractors grow profitable businesses. He holds an MBA from the University of Mississippi and a bachelor’s degree in real estate finance. Rob is also a commercially licensed pilot.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rob Williams talks about the most common financial problems contractors face
  • What is Profit First?
  • When to grow your business — and when to slow down
  • Dividing revenue across multiple accounts
  • How and when to invest your profits
  • Why is sharing numbers internally a good thing?
  • The psychology of Profit First

In this episode…

One of the biggest challenges contractors face in their business is managing money. In an industry where cash flow rises and falls, many contractors struggle to make sure they have the funds they need to stay afloat and be profitable. Whether you wish to grow and expand or just want to stay in the green, what are the resources that can help you better prepare for your business goals?

As a contractor turned profit strategist, Rob Williams has made almost every mistake there is, learned valuable lessons from each pitfall, and adapted methods of business to help other contractors succeed. Using the Profit First model, Rob teaches contractors and business owners how to properly allocate incoming funds, so they are never unprepared for the costs of doing business. Now, Rob is here to share the business and financial skills you need to improve costs, boost profits, and save money.

In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill interviews Rob Williams, President and Founding Profit Strategist for IronGate Entrepreneurial Support Systems, about the common challenges of running a profitable contracting business. They discuss the mistakes that most contractors and business owners make that prevent them from rising to success — and how to avoid them. If you are a contractor, starting a business, or wish to see your existing business thrive and grow, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Resources Mentioned in this episode

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